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Are You Eligible?

If you are a Detroit business owner, we want to help you beautify your storefront and contribute to the vibrancy of your neighborhood! If you rent your space, you and your landlord should apply together in one application.

Who can apply?

  • For profit business owners who are open and operating in a commercial storefront in the City of Detroit and will stay in their location for 5 or more years
    • Not-for-profit and franchised organizations are INELIGIBLE to apply
    • For-profit business owners renting from not-for-profit or faith-based building owners are ELIGIBLE to apply
  • Building owners who have a lease with a business that is open and operating in their property in the City of Detroit
  • Businesses/landlords looking to improve their storefront and are willing to fully participate in program requirements and commit to design standards for their exterior improvements. Check out the Re-Store Program Guidelines for more details on eligibility and program requirements
How To Apply


An application is required to be considered for a Motor City Re-Store Award. Interested business owners fill out an online application with their landlords, starting with TRACK 1: ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN or TRACK 2: CONSTRUCTION, depending on the project. Business owners may only apply for one track at a time. Building owners may submit applications with multiple tenants.

Motor City Re-Store reviews applications for eligibility and chooses finalists. Finalists may go through a more substantial review of their proposed exterior improvement project and their finances.

Read about each track below to discover where to start your Re-Store application:



Who: Business owners and their landlords who are interested in exterior improvements to their storefront but need help planning and designing what looks best

What: These awardees will receive design assistance from a pre-vetted professional architect. The architect will provide conceptual design services, paid for by Motor City Re-Store, as well as final signed and sealed construction drawings, paid for by the awardee. Motor City Re-Store pays up to $10,000 in architectural services per business.

Apply for Design Track here



Who: Business owners and their landlords who are ready to build their exterior improvement project. Applicants MUST have signed and sealed construction drawings to be eligible for this track, unless their project is extremely simple such as installing a new sign or awning.

What: These awardees will receive 50% matching grants to cover the cost of construction.Grants are paid out only after work has been completed, so the landlord and tenant are responsible for covering up-front costs. Motor City Re-Store will connect awardees with external lending partners as needed to cover the match. Maximum matching grants are $25,000 for this track.

*Businesses may collaborate with 3 neighboring business owners on the same block (either side of the street) to receive a 75% matching grant. If you are applying with neighboring business to receive a 75% match, each collaborating business must list each other’s name where indicated on the application form. Four businesses on the same block are eligible for this option.

Apply for Construction Track here


Applicants have four opportunities per year to compete for assistance through the program. Business owners and landlords must work together to submit one common application.

Application Periods:

  • Round 8: Applications open March 1 and close April 1, 2019
  • Round 9: Applications open September 1 and close October 1, 2019

Business owners may only apply once per round. Building owners may submit applications with multiple tenants.

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